Govt unwilling to help housing group deal with housing crunch

Govt unwilling to help housing group deal with housing crunch

New report: A report released today by housing charity Shelter finds a lack of investment in the sector and the lack of funding from central government means that those on low incomes are at greater risk of homelessness than ever before.

In fact, nearly 40 per cent of homeless were on benefits, and over a third (31 per cent) were in poverty, according to the survey of more than 6,500 people.

In total, 6,500 households were surveyed across London by a specialist charity called the Social Housing Trust, the first national survey on homelessness from Shelter in the UK.

The report found:

Nearly four out of 10 households that were surveyed had no savings – more than 6,000 people – and a third had either borrowed or been forced to borrow money from friends or relatives. A third had no money whatsoever to spend on food.

And nearly a third of households had no money at all for heating or clothes or even for food at all.

Nearly three quarters of households have spent more than 30 per cent of their household income on accommodation in the past four years. The figures mean that for every £100 of housing benefit, households spend £18 on rent or mortgage.

Over a third of households did not have enough money in their bank account to cover the cost of their rent. About half of the households said they had run out of money on payday loan loans or were using food banks because they were being denied food from the shop.

It was also fouCDC 철도청 카지노nd that almost seven in 10 households, 64 per cent, said there was no money left for food. This means those on low incomes were being driven to use food banks and emergency food rations to cope with heating bills – even those who had enough money.

‘People are suffering, but it is also getting worse,’ sa온라인바카라id John. ‘As we have seen in some parts of the city, food banks are a lifeline, helping to feed those on low incomes, but they are also a haven for people who can’t make it to a nearby shop to buy their groceries. It is absolutely vital we change this situation for the better.’

For those living in the coldest parts of the city, there is hope.

A spokesman for London counci포커 족보l said: ‘We are currently investing almost £4million of resources into support for housing and homelessness that was announced earlier this month.’

‘These figures show that this city has a lot to offer but, crucially, the