Us officials foil jfk plot to kidnap U

Us officials foil jfk plot to kidnap U.S. officials

By Thomas Gaist

14 February 2017

A coordinated international effort to capture the United States’ senior leaders in Russia has been thwarted by U.S. authorities, who thwarted a plot to kill an American ambassador on Russia’s behalf, according to US intelligence officials briefed on the operation.

The operation took place Friday evening on the streets of St Petersburg, just hours before the presidential election of Donald Trump was set to be held in St. Petersburg.

The planned assassination of Sergei Kislyak was one of six such plots in Russia aimed at assassinating Trump officials. The Russian media has also reported that one of the three members of the Russian secret service who executed the plan was paid a sum of $10 million.

The American intelligence officials provided details of the operation on Friday and said it began with a phone call between Donald Trump and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, which set the tone of the planned operation. The Russian police and security services were contacted, along with an officer of the U.S. intelligence community known as “Sandy,” according to the sources briefed on the operation.

The U.S. intelligence sources said the call was conducted in the form of a telephone call, which the U.S. authorities later revealed was not made in Russian, but as a U.S. citizen.

After being contacted, Sandy was sent to an undisclosed location to conduct surveillance on Trump and his campaign, in which he observed “a large crowd.” He then approached the president-elect and asked him what was going on and was able to identify him through his body language. When Kislyak was approached, he turned and ran as fast as he could away from the location, according to the sources.

Sandy did not kill Kislyak, but he then reportedly told the Russian poli성남출장샵ce, who then began a manhunt for him in front of his hotel. After the police surrounded him, Trump was able to get into the lobby and was able to wal카지노 게임 사이트k away from the hotel with no one trying to kill him, U.S. officials added.

Trump did manage to escape from a police standoff and return to his hotel before the killing was carried out, officials added.

The U.S. administration’s counterintelligence task force, which is separate from the FBI and the CIA, was called into the St. Petersburg operat블랙 잭ion after a tip from the intelligence community, the official said.

U.S. officials briefed on the operation said the