Safety watchdog on jetstar missed landing due to turbulence

Safety watchdog on jetstar missed landing due to turbulence


The airline has confirmed there have been “systems failures” which caused a flight to miss an expected landing in Sydney.

The Boeing 737 took off from Melbourne Airport in Victoria at 8:40am today, and when it reached the gate, it suddenly took off in midair and ran into an embankment.

“The Airbus A319 plane, which is an Airbus A319-100, was performing a forced landing because of an emergency involving a technical issue,” Boeing spokeswoman Terese King said.

“The aircraft was at a high rate of climb and, in the circumstances, the pilot had no option but to attempt a landing and the aircraft c공주출장샵ontinued on its path on its own, but encountered a significant loss of lift-based aircraft and fell to the ground.”

She said “there was no loss of life” and the plane did not break apart.

The flight’s emergency procedures included a full assessment of all flight-related systems and the crew was cleared to land, Boeing spokesperson King said.

The airline said it was aware of another aircraft that has been forced into a sudden landing.

양산출장마사지I can confirm that one of our aircraft have encountered a possible sudden-landing situation at our Melbourne hub as a result of an issue relating to the aircraft’s approach to the gate, 영양안마the aircraft was not impacted by the sudden landing event,” Boeing spokesperson King said.

Airbus has apologised to its passengers.

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